Ok I'm getting close to starting but I have a question I'm going to start in my bedroom closet and hopefully down the line build a bigger box in the basement. Anyway I have ordered a Compact Fluoro 125w for veg and clone ( not sure if I'm ready for clone yet), and a 250 HPS for flower. the closet is about 3' wide by 2 1/2' deep and 7' tall. I'm pretty sure that the HPS is enough light for the small space but will it get too hot? I don't have a lot of vent options since is right smack in the middle of the house.

Will These lights be enough to support 4-6 plants both in veg/clone with the CFL and in flower with the HPS? Also what do you guys sugest for light leaks? I was thinking black plastic covered on the inside by white plastic? Don't even know if that sounds right. Anyway thanks for any help I can't wait to get started I have to CFl at home right now and I'm thinking about trying to pop some beans so I can get started this week the HPS I had to order but should be here within the week.

Sorry for the long post I just can't wait to be growing and enjoying my our fine quality cannabis like the rest of you.

The Ivory Smoke