Hey guys, i just wanted to say HI. i recently purchased Subcool seeds today...i acquired the Jack's Cleaner along with the Space Queen free seeds. i am estatic. i came to know Subcool seeds thru various press magazines like High Times featurettes and i was impressed with the genetics. ever more so as up and coming breeders who i feel a major award in the future. i was like "who the hell is subcool?" because i've seen galleries and various press online everywhere last year and this year as well. nothing speaks louder then a persons resume and the genetics are superb!

i have been growing for 10 years and i started out as a commercial grower but have since retired from commercial growing and the stress involved and concentrated on Cannanseur growing. . i've gotten older now and i figured i've dodge the bullet on commercial cultivation that i figured it was time to slim down the operation to something more manageable and less suspicious. i grow organically exclusively and in my 10 years i've collected several strains.

Homegrown Fantaseeds Haze19XSkunk
Dutch Passion's Skunk#1
Sagarmartha's Yumbolt
Reeferman's Burmaberry
Bog's Bogglegum
Reeferman's Sour Diesel
Reservoir's Strawberry Diesel
Afghani (select 20 year old elite heirloom)
Mandala's Speed Queen
Mandala's Satori
Reeferman's Love Potion#1
Lemon Hashplant (select clone only pheno)
Reeferman's Blueberry blast
Reeferman's Blue Thunder
Greenhouse's White Widow
Greenhouse's White Rhino
Hippiecrack (clone only)
DJ Short's original blueberry

Subcool's Jack's Cleaner (pending)
Subcool's Space Queen (pending)

i probably missed one. i don't grow all these strains at once. usually i pick 2-4 strains and grow those at a time since my grow is slimmed down and small. i've concentrated all my efforts on cannaseur growing and breeding. my usually grow in SCROG since my operation is so small now.

the only strains i'm looking at that i don't have is:

Apollo 11 (black tiger pheno)
BOG's Sourbubble

but you know how these things go...you thirst for more but i am running outta room for my mothers. lol

other then this forum, i can also be found on Reefermanseeds forum and i was a regular on seedbay before their demise. as you can tell. my original intent with subcool seed's was to get the Space Queen since i am a big fan of C99 and crosses with C99 like William's Wonder.... and Reeferman sold out of his Space Queen and i remember reading about Subcools Space Queen and the rest is history.

thanks for letting me introduce myself. i look forward to reading and contributing to this well put together website and content. i look forward to growing your genetics!

Thank you