Sophisticated East Bay Pot Operation Busted

Marijuana-Laced Candy, Sodas

By Erik Rosales

Mar. 17 - KGO - A federal agent in Oakland says the DEA has broken up the most sophisticated indoor marijuana nursery he's seen in his 25 years in law enforcement.
He says a company called "Beyond Bomb" did things beyond belief.
One by one, drug enforcement agents loaded onto a truck millions of dollars worth of marijuana and equipment like fluorescent lights, drip systems, and thousands of plants being grown on all four floors of a building on Telegraph Avenue in downtown Oakland -- a complete plant cloning operation.
Lawrence Mendosa, Drug Enforcement Administration: "This is much more than just medicinal marijuana, this is pure greed. The amount of money being generated, millions of dollars. From what we're seeing this was lining someone's pockets. This is nothing more than drug traffickers plain and simple."
One of 5 locations agents raided in the East Bay was a warehouse in Emeryville, where agents confiscated boxes filled with marijuana-laced candy and other edibles, manufactured by the company 'Beyond Bomb.'
Products were made to look like well known name brands. For example: Trippy peanut butter, instead of Skippy peanut butter. Jolly Ranchers become Stoney Ranchers.
Also confiscated was marijuana-laced soda with similar labels: Jolt cola was changed to Joint cola along with popular snacks like pot tarts.
DEA agent Javier Pena says it was a huge operation.
Javier Pena, DEA: "It was the largest I've ever seen. We've got thousands of labels & this is where they were packaging the materials into candy bars."
Agents agree it's creative, but warn people that innocent children will somehow get their hands on these products, making it not only illegal, but potentially deadly.
A warning label on one of the knock off cans read: "Don't drink more than four a day.'
Javier Pena, DEA: "This can be tragic. If a young child or adult eats one of these and drink one of the sodas."
Thirteen people were arrested in these raids, but agents say because this particular lab kept such good records, agents say more arrests will likely take place in the next few weeks.