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    Thread: Orange Velvet (a survivor story)

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      Default Orange Velvet (a survivor story)

      I planted 10 OV bx back on November 22. I planted them in potting soil and about 50% perlite. All 10 seeds germinated. They all were planted in 1qt containers where all 10 sprouted within 5 or 6 days. About day 9 I accidentally knocked one over and destroyed it. They were misted daily and fed water with Pure Blend Grow every other watering after the second week.
      I transplanted the remaining 9 plants into 8" pots 3 weeks later (too long but was stuck for space). I used the same soil (BOGs Mix) that I have used before with great results. I left these in the 8” pots for about a month in the veg room. Each plant had its own 42 watt CFL and a 150 watt HPS hanging vertically in between. I fed Water and Pure Blend was added every other watering. By the Middle of January I still hadn't been able to determine the sex on these so I moved them into the flower room to determione sex before transplanting into 5 gallon buckets.
      7 days into flower I determined that I had 5 girls, the 4 boys were destroyed. The girls were looking good and I decided to transplant them and keep them in the flower room to finish. I transplanted the 5 into a new batch of the same soil mix, each in its own 5 gallon bucket.
      A couple days after I transplanted them I noticed that they were looking real shocked. I didn't think much at first, but after about 5 days it was obvious that something was wrong. The ends of the plants were turning yellow, and curling up. This was on all leafs from top to bottom. I flushed them with a couple gallons of water each and 3 or 4 days later they were still looking worse. I am not sure what I may have done to the soil, or if maybe I got a hot bag from the store, but it was defiantly from the new mix.

      On February 1st I decided to repot the plants into new soil. I cleaned the roots down to soil from the 8” pots and threw it out. Then I rinsed the roots off in cool water and repotted each one in a new bucket, with Plain old Wal-Mart potting soil. I also figured that with the damage done to the leaves, that I should revert back to the veg room to heal up and grow up some more. They liked the new soil and right away I could tell that they were going to be happy. The new growth since then is really weird, as each leaf has only 3 or 4 petals.
      Other than that they are really looking healthy and i have resumed giving them Pure Blend Grow, and have also added a little Superthrive. Some of the leafs are showing resin and I am excited to get these into flower. They are real bushy after putting them back into Veg
      These ladies will go into the flower room after my Lemon Freeze finishes up. I will try to keep thi supdated once a week or so until the real show begins.
      Thanks for stopping by.
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