here are a few pics of some sticky icky that me and my bro buck have done and this will be my first thread like this ever and i should have some pics to keep it updated for the next few weeks. some strains you'll see here are bogs sour bubble, lifesaver, blackberry"VBS green pheno", dj shorts grape krush, bogglegum, and rez's sour deisel and perhaps some blue moon rocks. some of this is hydro in ebb&flo's and the rest is in soil, Buck Diamond took the pic' uhhh to start here is some of Bogs sour bubble bx3

nice compact plant, didnt take up much space as it was on the side catching some rays from a 600 and in a 4 gal. pot

resin production is great, and such a lovley smell and taste but wow it makes me choke, but ya know the gotta cough to get off...
mm mm mmmm, sour bubble bx3 delivered a perfect keeper mom and its now amongst the favorites..thnx Bog

Next we have some pics of the green pheno vbs blackberry which i absolutly adore, strong berry smell and taste, awsome resin production and a quick finisher and yeilds quite nice aswell..these are small clones that were force flowered at a very small size.the pic is of the same one i think and i need to get the rest of the pics from Buck, damn floppy disk lol, so anywho...

and here is a pic of one of my other favorites..Bogs lifesaver..just steller smoke, here she is being flushed thats why she is so yellow, but a excelent yeilder aswell
well thats all for now, will have some more pics up in a few days and thnx for stopping in to check it out..

peace n hairgrease