You know what happens when you do something over and over you tend to get a little better each time. This is the case with Bubblehash, the first time we used Milas bags. Now shes a great lady but in the first set the cloth was flimsy and I used an electric mixer. The bags caught the mixing blades and a fucking huge mess was made!
Later I solved this by placing plastic place mats inside them to prevent this.
I used the larger Bubblebags from Bman for awhile and got better but we still beat the shit out of the leaf with a mixer untill one day we burnt the damn thing up. I had to hand stir a batch and the results were stellar.

This is what I made today using A-13 & Soul Cleaner Sugar leaf as well as JTC mixed with JC. I now use the smaller 1 gallon bags.

One trick Bubbleman taught me was Even though these twisty worms look cool as hell by morning these will be dry enough to break aprt and make a crumble. This assures all the moisture its gone and it will absolutly full melt!

The Apollo bubble is trully just bad ass and it will be gone very fast.