Okay heres the deal. My last grow ended up being a seeded crop that i believe induced from my breaker popping making my lights turn off duriing the flowering light cylce. I did find like one plant out of a 100 that had like one small bananna flower and i ended up with a lot of seeds. THere is no way that it was male pollen that did the trick. I know that pollen can go along way and seed a whole room. The bud turned out good still and i have a lot of seeds now.

I just planted some yesterday because i did not have enough clones to fill my whole room. I did about 80 seeds and was wondering if these should all be female plants?? And since my last crop showed such a small amount of hermy flowers would that mean that if i give these seed plants no conditions to want to hermy then they should all be fine?????????????

Thats what i want to know. I just put in over four months on my last crop and ended up with seeds and dont want this to happen again if i can help it. I would rather pull them now then put more work into a seeded crop. Thanks for any help ahead of time and have a peaceful day.