Hello I'm a medical marijuana patient and I wanted to get a thread going on the medicinal effects of sativas. Just simply list the strain name, if you want write a smoke report, and than a brief discription of the strains medical effectiveness for your ailments. I'll start:

Strain: Train Wreck

This is a lovely strain that has a lemonish/skunk smell and lemon taste. The smoke is smooth with little lung crush. The high just seems to instantly grab me right in the forehead at first and then travels down from there. The buds are covered in so much resin it looks furry . Definately top notch smoke. I use sativas for relief of my migraines, and leg pain. I found this strain to work great for migraines. When I feel a migraine coming on I smoke a bowl or two and my head and neck will go kind of numb/tingly. I feel the migraine basically getting weeker and weeker until it fades away all together. I would reccomend this strain for pain relief and migraines. I also know a guy who tokes this for his depression and it seems to work because he's always smiling.