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    Thread: Grow Room Visit:1800w Coco drip system

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      Default Grow Room Visit:1800w Coco drip system

      Hi folks and welcome to another "grow room visit".

      Yesterday another of my good friends called me to say he had finished his room, for which he has been busy buying stuff for and building over the last month or so.....

      He has been growing for about 12 months now and has completed a few crops so far. He had a little help from myself and Pistils with his first effort that NEARLY went horribly wrong due to bad information/advice from a so called mate, but after that initial first crop he was on the right track to being a good grower........

      He has recently re-vamped the whole room out and re-kitted it with extra specs to increase productivity.
      The OLD room had 2x600w lights in non aircooled fixtures/reflectors a 4" intake fan and a 6" outlet with 8" carbon filter for odour control.... The system used to be soil in pots hand watered, but is now full on hydro drip system with coco-coir grow media.
      I love the room, it's sooo perfect and clean just how I like it.

      Here are the specs for the room now:

      • 1x6" outlet and 8" carbon filter (for room extraction)
      • 1x6" inlet (TD 150/500)
      • 3x600w Aircooled UltraCool HPS lights with dedicated 6" extractor fan drawing through all 3 shades keeping them cool. (also has a carbon filter due to suction from growroom)
      • 3xGT424 NFT tanks, all linked up via tank joiners to act as 1 system, and converted to use pots and drippers with coco-coir grow media
      • Various oscillating fans positioned around the room
      • ThermoHumitistat linked to ventilation, to regulate the fans as and when needed, depending on the temp/humidity
      • 4 outlet airpump to add airation to nutrient tanks
      • ADF (anti detection foil, used to hide the heat from HPS lamps from passing police helecopters....as used by the military)
      All these gadgets and gizmos were purchased, and are avalable from www.greenstream.co.uk

      There is plenty of gadgets and gizmo's in this room and i was Really impressed with it. The strain being grown here is the original UK cheese clone only strain, and shes a real stinker. I'm just glad he has all that suction going through Carbon's!

      Nutrients used as you can see from the photos are the Advanced 2+ range, he uses all the main products. You can see 2 cooltubes (aircooled reflectors) just sitting there on a shelf in the last photo! The amount of kit and there about the place is incredible!!

      The plants here have been in veg for 10 days now and are doing well, they will be put into flower in another 14-21 days, as he likes to grow fewer plants and top them; vegging for a longer period of time. This takes a little longer but still delivers the same yield.....

      I will do a couple ov updates on this crop as the babies progress. And am looking forward to seeing some nice fat juicy buds...

      Peace Chronical
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