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    Thread: cheap homade odor control

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      Default cheap homade odor control

      heres a little ditty i put together today in attempts to get my funky bud odor problem in check.

      materials: (1) 2 gal. bucket w/ lid- $4
      hardware cloth- had layin around
      (1) foam airconditioner filter
      (1) jug "tidy cat" litter- $7
      (1) 4.5 in. muffin fan- had layin around
      (1) stretch of power cord for fan- had layin around
      (1) length of 4 in ducting- $8

      step 1) cut two pieces of hardware cloth with a pair of dikes or tin snips, to fit inside the bucket. the lower one will have a slightly smaller diameter due to bucket taper. (wear gloves when cutting cause itll poke the hell outta your hands.)

      step 2) cut a 4 in. hole in bottom of bucket where ducting ran from the cab will attach. cut a 4.5 hole in top where fan will exhaust air.

      step 3) insert bottom piece of h.c. to a few inches above the bottom of the bucket and cut a matching piece of foam filter to lay on top.

      step 4) fill with litter crystals to a depth of about 1 in.

      step 5) cover with another piece of foam filter and insert 2nd piece of h.c. on top of filter. now you have a kitty liter sandwich in your bucket... yum.

      step 6) bolt fan to top, making sure air flow is going the proper direction, and run a bead of hot glue around the perimeter of the fan to create an air tight seal.

      and voila... you have yourself a kitty litter scrubber.

      extra notes- these fans werent really designed for this task, so im using this in collaboration with another 4.5 in muffin fan that was already exhausting air from the cab. the 90* duct will be attached where that fan blows out and a 2-3 foot stretch of ducting will be run from it to the bottom of the bucket. ill then run a stretch of ducting from the top of the bucket to right beside the door so clean air will be exhausted out to the rest of the room, away from the cab. ill return with a report on how well it works in the next day or so, but im too tired to hook it all up tonight. however, i did crank it up on its own and it has good suction @ the bottom hole and blows kitty litter smelling air strongly out of the top, so i think it will work pretty well.
      ps- if the kitty crystals dont work, then ill replace em with activated carbon pellets and see how that does.
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