I have been working with red wood all week explaining how I manage a 3 part room to maximize yields. Being a 100% medical garden we have a lot of small yielding phenotypes so instead of worrying about a plant like Tiny Bomb giving me 40 grams finished medicine I just make sure I am turning her around every 50 days.

Lets look behind door number 3..

I accomplish this 50 day turn around by lots of labor and a working knowledge of my strains. I know that Soul Cleaner and Tiny Bomb and SpaceJill will be done about 50 days and I can harvest em and make some room for others to spread out. Candy store comes down a few days later and then soon to follow is Apollo-13. That leaves JTR and JC to finish and I usually completely swap all the plants at this time.

The bud room with a few ready to buds and the JC and OV in the back.

Also and this will toss you so follow along, Once my veg room plants are the right height I flip the timer and start budding them early. Males and any plants that have lagged behind are left under the 400 MH to mature a bit longer. You can see the plants in veg have already started stretching a bit.

So here is a shot of the 2K room before clean up.