Today everyone seems to be growing in different ways. Be it tables, cabinets, collies, I've always found joy in growing the monster plants in dirt. I'm still new to this scene and I'm still learning ways to do things. I was taught by old school growers who like to do it big So let's take a look at how this FNG for TGA does it.

I like to veg my plants for a minimum of two weeks, giving them adequate light, nutrients and care. When they're about 8" tall or have about 3 sets of bracts I pinch the stems till I hear a little "pop". This is supper cropping, it tells the plant to heal its stem, which in result leads to a healthy stem structure. I do it in a couple spots on the plant. I also pinch some strains to keep them low profile. I flower my girls in 5 gallon pots, giving the roots enough room to expand. I currently grow a variation of about 12 strains most of which most are done in 56 days. MzJill's Orange Velvet is finished in 63 days along with Jack's Cleaner which can be taken down at 58 days but has more of punch at 60+ days.

Let's take a look at some shots of my veg room right before I move these ladies into 12/12 lighting. The small room is one of each of our moms.

Keeping my canopy even can prove to be challenging but string and stakes do the job. Moving on in my big room I have managed to get 2 lights tied up. I've managed to keep the canopy somewhat level. Here's a couple shots to give you guys and girls a peek

With the exception of a few girls such as Killer Queen, she has a tendency to stretch to the light due to her sativa influence. KQ has two sides to her, treat her like gold and she will reward you with Candy Mango like smell and taste. If you abuse her she turns rank and smells of rotten fruit, a trait coming from the G-13 used. People love both sides of her up around here. The bubble hash is another full melt strain. bubble bubble bubble This girl is ready to go in 45 days but is a real treat if left till 56+ days. Here's the proof wow

Squid's Cuddle Fish Hash Plant likes to keep a low profile when pinched. <-- that's the result of pinching my HP

When she grows up she puts out overpowering smelling colas. These pictures are of my HP gone magenta on day 56. Due to our weather out here I was able draw in some cold air and direct it on her in the last few days. This is what she did for me. b.e.a.utiful.

Champagne *The Champ* that was on day 23, was donated to us by an 0ld School grower and added to our arsenal of elite genetics. She grows similar to Hash Plant but has a distinguishable smell of Champagne. These colas are oily texture from high terpenoid content. This girl produces full melt bubble hash that just puddles!
And the high is a very stony one. Your eyes instantly feel heavy.

What's that something with more sativa in her? K... well here's our Apollo-13. She grows very similar to Killer Queen due to the c99 genetics. She's ready in about 56 days as well but can pack a real punch if capable of going 60 to 63days. This girl is a keeper in anyone's garden IMO, even at day 30 Subcool was getting shots of trichomes turning. If you can lower temps in your grow room at the right time she will produce lovely golden, magenta colors. This lady came down on day 56.

If you're looking for something with a little extra weight then MzJill's Orange Velvet offspring will look very pleasing. I've managed to get 8 zips off this lovely girl. If you nail this girl dead on, she will turn lovely maroon just about black looking. I took this girl down at 64 days and here's what she was packing

Here are a few other girls I currently have growing in my garden. This Black Domina is a real fast girl and can be ready in 52 days; we still prefer to let her go 56 . This girl has been used as a breeding plant around here, passing on its high THC trait. This is another fullmelt strain. BD just puddles when you put a flame to it!

The Bush Hash used to create Bush Doctor was donated by the same 0ld School grower that donated Champagne and Black Domina. This girl smells of sweet grapes at day 56 but can really go another week. She's a nice producer as well.

Then I have to legendary Jack's Cleaner from Subcool himself. <-- That has to be one of my favorite pics this strain doesn't need anymore attention, it speaks for itself JC also gives me some great numbers 6 1/2 zips last run with her

What else is there....Oh this is another producer our B.C. Hash Plant. I'm capable of hitting ½ elbows off 1 plant. BCHP was also crossed with our Grimm Genetics. She's done in 56 days and packs on the frost with chuncky solid colas

I also have a phenotype of Dannyboy that packs on weight fast and is quick to finish loaded with ressin in 45 days give or take.

^^why i like DB

I enjoy growing monster plants capable of hitting 1.5 - 2 LBs / light, and the quality is still there as you can see. If you have the height and space to do 4' to 6' plants I suggest giving it a shot. You will be shocked with the results. The taste in dirt is much better then hydro IMO. I don't think I could stop growing soil because I love the taste of these girls. Being a neophyte (fancy word for FNG) for TGA is an amazing honor and look forward to working with this team of elites. I am going to give hydroponics a shot next run I think. I've always wanted to try DWC buckets.