I am making up a new batch of Super soil and I get so many questions on the way I do it I thought I'd shoot this labor intensive process. The main change is a soil I am trying that the new hydro store carries. Northern Lights Hydro is a chain and we had never shopped there before. The guy was ultra nice and gave us a 10% discount on the entire order and gave us a free bottle of Vita Grow Rooting Hormone and a Free Fox farm T-shirt. His prices rocked to so I am trying his new product. I always use at least 2-3 large bags of high quality organic soil in addition too 2 large bales of sunshine mix. I had been using a local product but last run it was mainly peat and bark and I wasn't impressed so I am adding this product as well as some blood meal to stop the fading I got to early last run.

“Lignite, also known as leonardite, mined lignin, brown coal, and slack, is an important constituent to the oil well, drilling industry. Lignite, or leonardite as it will be referred as hereafter, is technically known as a low rank coal between peat and sub-bituminous. Leonardite was named for Dr. A.G. Leonard, North Dakota's first state geologist, who was a pioneer in the study of lignite deposits. Leonardite is applied to products having a high content of humic acid. Humic acid has been found to be very useful as a drilling mud thinner.”

So lets take a look at the ingredients of this new product
Roots Organic

Coca Fiber
Peat Moss

Bone Meal, bat Guano, kelp meal, green sand, soy bean meal, Leonardite, K-mag, Glacial Rock Dust, Alfalfa meal, Oyster Shell Flour,
Earth worm castings and Mycorrhizae.
I have always believed in giving my plants a wide range of soils and additives I figure it's like a buffet they get all they need. I use large containers because I hate root bound plants and can put the same clone in a 5 gallon and a #10 and the plant in the larger pot wil drawf the smaller containered plant.