About a year ago I was trolled by this guy that accused me of never taking a full plant shot. Since then I have learned to just ignore people that have un justified negative comments but this guy got under my skin and this is the Photo evidence I posted to dispute his claim that all I grew were tiny plants and that's why they dripped with resin.

The reason I had not taken many full plant shots was it's the buds I wait to shoot

Without further ado lets do the Full plant shot.

Please Feel Free to join in the fun

First up we have Super Skunk

Squid found this amazing pheno in a pack of 1984 Sensi Seeds. We use her as a breeding mom because of here dominant characteristics.

Amazing yields IF she dosn't have to compete with other taller strains. She is short short short!

Next is a little unknown clone a someone said was Melvin. They were wrong and the rest IMO is Cannabis ORANGE history

The thick leathery leaves are a stand out feature with our find now called Orange Velvet.

This next plant was not culled because she wasn;t super potent or tasty but she has a 3X stretch and it just detroys my total canopy yiled by towering over everything else.

Kali Mist X Blue Widow by Tommy^2

This next girl is one I know you will spot right away lets give it a taste?

If you guessed Nebu's Black Russian on her first run you are correct!

Check out the buds on this plant.

Last but not least is A-13 before I post let me review.

We run a Medical garden and run 6 plants under each 1000 watt light and a total of 12 plants. I use my own super soil and have struggled in the past with over feeding with my new mix. You can see we nailed this round dead spot on and this is the way with Organics it's not a scince but you do your best and try to make small adjustments not large changes. These plants are vegged in a seperate area pretty much the intire time we also bud in a seperate area.

Using topping Bondage and in some cases radical beanding and breaking i manage a decent canopy concidering the number of strains we run.

Variety is the spice of life yes?