Heya Guru's,

I had a bumper crop of California Orange that was looking great until about mid-way thru flower phase then one-by-one,they started yellowing and dying off.I've been reading similiar posts and saw a few tips regarding others having the same problem.Most were told it was a nitrogen defiency problem so i ran down to my local hydro shop where i get my nutes (Cutting Edge Solutions,3-part liquid set).it's micro,grow,and bloom.What they advised was at or about mid flower,switch from bloom back to grow,or adding the grow to the micro/bloom mix i run during flowering for a feeding or two.I'm not sure if they are legals that strictly grow vegetables or if they secretly all know their customers are growing what they're not allowed to discuss so i thought i'd post here and ask the 420 professionals.
I'll greatly appreciate any input from the veterans that are WAY better at this than myself & girlfriend (noobs).
We went from 6 big,healthy plants that should have yielded 12 oz's to a measely 2 oz's of light(but still sweet) buds.


Thanks in advance,