I'm back eheh. now it's time to get down to buissness here's what i've been working on lately.

to kick it off i'll start off with Dannyboy, as he's a founding member of TGA.
Here she is at day 61 loaded with Seeds from SQ pollen.
She packs on the wieght fast and that's not all.
The THC glands are stacking up along the edge of the sugar leaf Look at this seed it's just bursting out of its calyx, coated in resin.
If you let DB go an extra couple days you'll notice some nice colour along the sugars edges . I'm not 100% sure on what we're going to name this cross.

mmm what else to let you guys and girls in on...how about jc...nah you dont want to see that.... .. I think some Killer Queen is best suited now. She's the mom of Dannyboy and dank lady at that. KQ is in my top 3 favorite smokes of all time. She produces lovely fullmelt mania.

Here's some shots of my girl at day50 and then day60 she's also been pollenated with our trusty Space Dude pollen. Look at those goodies bursting throught the field of THC. And now a look at the goods This girl will start to put out purple hues if left go long enough. Again the THC is just stacking up along all the ridges. Even the undersides of sugar leafs are coated with ressin.
The smell is amazing btw it's of Mango's with a sweet touch ! KQ can be ready by day48 smelling like sweet sweet conton candy mangos, after that she comes a lil more rank from the G-13. Here's some proof that she's ready in 50days give or take. Those are from day50 and a quick look at day 31.

I'll let you all in on some more work when i get up in the AM.