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    Thread: Read: Info to know

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      Default Read: Info to know

      Relaxed Yet? DON"T BE
      Web-based Timeline Analysis System (WebTAS). WebTAS provides a temporal picture from multiple data sources and displays the data in common maps, timelines, and situation alerting tools. WebTAS is operational at numerous DoD intelligence sites and is being used for the global war on terrorism and Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. WebTAS replaces large maps and manual correlation of information previously used by the Air Operations Center. The New York Police Department Counter Terrorism Task Force is currently being trained on WebTAS applications installed in their Task Force Center. The US Coast Guard has installed WebTAS as the core component of the Department of Homeland Security Maritime Intelligence Fusion Center at Yorktown, Virginia. In this application, WebTAS will fuse data from multiple sources and provide actionable on-line products to DoD, and federal and state agencies involved with homeland security. The Coast Guard has also funded a full time, on-site WebTAS engineer to provide training, connect to additional data sources, build situation alerts, and make minor enhancements.

      Indeed we should be worried, 'the man' is finally surpassing the hackers as far as gathering intelligence is concerned, and one of my main gripes around here. We are not paranoid enough, blah blah blah.

      Basically what wbtas does is it's a bunch of programs that work together to do exactly what you say. Remember that little girl that got killed either last year or the year before? On the news, they showed the very video camera that caught the whole thing? Yeah, that one. Well, Webtas was used, information entered, and ringadingding, well would ya look at that. He's right there.

      All they need is a picture, a voice print, finger print, anything.

      The one good thing we still have on our side, is the lack of sharing that information among the different organizations. I don't think it's much more time before 'our thing' ends up deep underground and there are no boards to share the love.

      Just for your info

      something to think bout, thats all
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