Hey all, i thought it was about time to downsize a few pics to show you all.
I like to grow in as many ways as possible..indoor-hydro, coco, soil-organic and chem and out in the greenhouse always organic thats where i prefer to make my seeds too if i can but its not a good idea to rely on the UK summers..just a few pics for starters
First off G13skunk early in flower
Grown under a 250 HPS in soil with Canna Terra nutes(which i think suck ass btw)
Then we have Dankouver grown in the bubbler under the 250 again with Vita-Link nutesShe is at around 85 days right before the chop...thenn we have Maroc grown in the greenhouse last year with Bio-Bizz nutesshe took on some nice purp before harvest..tasty weed too..hope you enjoy these are a few of my faves and i have many more so il post some more up soon...peace