A grower friend gifted me a fat sack of fluff from his purple kush harvest. The buds were popcorn size, and very airy and light. A baggie stuffed full didn't weigh an oz.
The smoke was kinda boring. Smooth, but not much there to describe. The buds had a slight purple tinge, and some crystals. I put it in a jar, and decided to cure it out some more. I opened the jar once a day for a few days, and then forgot about it.
It sat in my desk for about 10 days, decided to heat up the vaporizer, and broke out the fluff buds, and WOW. did the extra cure ever help those buds. They have a VERY distinct grape smell AND flavor. The buzz is mellow, and slightly up, but the taste is phenom/anal
I gotta turn my friend on to a flavorfull hit off the popcorn budz