Hey Guys and Gals, I have been lurking for a while. Was a poster at Doc's until the RC crap hit the fan. Caused me to re-evalluate my comp security and found a change in my privoxy someone suggested to me was actually broadcasting my IP. So, I disappeared from the web, got a new job, moved, and fixed my security prob. I did not kill my grow. Was four weeks into flower (two Astroboys/two White Russians) and figured it would take longer than four weeks to be on the radar screen of LEO. I'm 2 weeks away from harvest now, but planning on shelving the cab when it is done. Have already started my outdoor plots and will not go inside for quite a while. Anyway, good to see you all. Sucks that the RC crap caused FET, Sub, and Plan B to be moved from Doc. But it is great all are still in bidness. I'm still very leery, so will not be posting very often...yet. BudKlipperHands