"The Law of Thelema is explained in terms of True Will, the ultimate spiritual core or quintessence of each person, which has a divinely self-ordained path through the world of experience. "Do what thou wilt" refers not to the outer emotional and intellectual self but to this sacred inner core of personal divinity. Often will is contrasted with whim, and the knowing and doing of the True Will is painted not in terms of license and ease but of responsibility and hard work.
Since this new law replaces outdated moral codes based around sins and forbidden acts, a person knowing and doing the will might appear to be sinful from a traditional viewpoint. In Crowley's view the Thelemite is following a demanding code requiring great personal integrity even while, for instance, making love in ways that would be illegal in oppressive societies. Sometimes it is natural to express this ironic inversion of traditional mores in satiric form, and Crowley, Rabelais and the Hell Fire Club all made heavy use of the satirical style in their writing and work.
Crowley also held that "do what you will" was an ethical code bearing on how one should deal with others. However, he expressed a number of contradictory views of this ethical aspect of the Law. To him the Law of Thelema was almost completely explicable in terms of self-improvement and he sometimes even denied the existence of others. One view which one often finds in his writings, and is accepted by most of his followers, is that one must respect not only one's own will but the wills of others. All the wills are magically arranged so that there is no conflict between them, just as (so it was believed in Crowley's day) the stars are arranged so that they never collide. The personal will and the will of all are mystically joined as a whole which is also the basis of individuality in a paradoxical way. Collision between wills would indicate that one or the other person was not doing their True Will."

Is it just me?! Cause I feel, that this goes hand in hand with our right to use this earth the way we see fit. As long as we respect our planet and cause no harm to other people...
The spirit calling side is really not my bag, but some of the philosophical side, now to that i can relate to..

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Take care. m3I