Has anyone tried this stuff?
I am thinking of trying a scrog and this stuff could take care of any hermies?

Here is info on reverse

Got male flowers? Tired of seeds in your favorite crops? You need Dutch Master Reverse!

Dutch Master Reverse is a uniquely engineered nutritional formulation that can, in most instances, stop hermaphroditic plants from exhibiting male traits and flowers. Reverse will stop male flowers and hermaphrodites in problematic plants such as pumpkins, watermelons and any flowering crop that has a tendency to hermaphrodite or show male flowers. Dtuch Master Reverse has a fast knowckdown action against existing male flowers as well as previnting more male flowers from forming due to their unique technology. Dutch Master has utilized their proprietary foliar technology to achieve the most effective and consistently high performin feminising product on the market today. With its proprietary foliar technology, Reverse can detune the plant receptor cells that are responsible for gibberellin reception and secondary biosynthesis that is responsible for over 95% of the cases of unwanted male flower expression.

With Dutch Master Reverse, you don't have to reduce your nutrient strength substantially like many other products or experience the severity of plant droop that can often occur. Dutch Master Reverse is great as a preventative tool. If you are unsure that your plant will exhibit hermaphroditic traits, then why take a chance, simply use Reverse!

Dutch Master Reverse is ready to go. No mixing, no getting the dose wrong, just spray your plants once, a few days into the flower cycle, until the leaves are saturated, then spray once more 10 days later. You must always use Dutch Master Penetrator (see Add-ons) with this product. Dutch Master Reverse has been specifically designed to work best with the addition of Penetrator as this will allow for the full transfer of elements inside the leaves of your plants.

As soon as Penetrator is added Reverse it needs to be sprayed onto plants within 15 minutes; any product left in the sprayer after 15 minutes is useless.

If you have only a small number of plants, you can use a small portion of the Reverse each time. For example, you could pour out 250 ml of Reverse into your spray bottle and add the appropriate amount of Penetrator and then spray your plants, allowing you to extend the usage of the bottle.