Well this is a short thread to talk about the benefits of the product Genius oil. It is made by Advanced nutrients and is a foliar spray. The main ingredient is Neem extract from the Neem tree which I belive grows in india. The Neem has repelleant propertys for your plants and is effective at keeping usual growroom pests away. I find it useful at preventing spider mites, and once every sunday I completly cover my plants with a spray solution based on 5mls per litre of genius oil. The oil leaves a shiney coat on the leaves that sort of seals them off with a thin waxy layer.
There is no need to add wetting agent to Genius oil as it already has it included in the mix.

Other product's that I have used that are the same as Genius are Hydrogardens Neem repel, and a pre-mixed spray called Neemo. All wil do the same thing so long as they are made from nbatural Neem extract.

I have also heard that there is a company in india producing coco-coir with added Neem to combat the probvlems some have with fungus gnatts and their larvae.

Peace Chronical ................