OTHER than BB, what sites do ya like to surf around when tokin a bowl at the puter?

I find myself at haha...

uhhhhm............ well hell. I don't really surf around any of the old spots anymore.

uhhhhmmmmmmmmmm..... okay IF you have a favorite site to cruise around other than breedbay post it up. I can't think of one myself ..what the hell am I doing starting this thread...what was I thinking?


looking back in my history seems I've been to www.times-standard.com a lot. Eureka's newspaper. I also visit my own websites cuz I've put a lot of the things I like to check out there, like pages to www.astronet.com, www.cannabisnews.com, and and and.....uhmuhmuhm haha nothin i guess.

I give up on thinking for the time being.