I have been looking around here, and have found nothing about lamp timers. I have a new room, and have been waiting on a timer, so I won't be too tempted to flip the lights too early

I like the looks of this one

Man, if I had the money, and no landlord to worry about, I would have one of these 240V timers wired up first thing. The new 1000 watt digital E ballasts from lumatech are out! Or 3 600 watters, on a mover, is more my style. I have 2 600 watt E ballasts, but I'm running 120V. 240V is much better.

Your common noob with their first HID lamp, is gonna burn up a $20 timer or 2 if we don't inform them.

I know a person could make a good timer to fire their ballasts, but I like the bells and whistles on the solatel timer.