How often does one find "The Strain" Not alot I'll bet. I'm talking about JillyBean. Yes, I'm back again. LOL

Ya know in life it pays to have good friends and well, I guess I got me one or three
Not long ago I posted my report on a sample of JB that I had been gifted with. To my amazement this pot "worked" for me.
Now without divulging too much, I am sure I have smoked my share of pot in the world in my many moons here, none that I have ever smoked is as complete as this.
Better get another, hang on.........
Anyway, as I was sayin, this is incredible. I can function, but Im happily stoned, Im hungry, but Im not eatin everything in the junk cabinet, and that is because I am up and doin things.

I've never been one for a description, you ask me an' Im like that skit on what's it called......."i did i see him, he looka lika man" I believe it was MadTV, iono.
If I were forced to make a description again, two words, Candy Sto'
LOL sorry MzJill
It just so happens that I was also gifted with a nice array of medicinal quality beans that I have surely already added to my garden. This gifter will also remain so unnamed, unless they so choose to speak up.

Ok folks, since im stoned an' generally edit the shit outta what I type, I ain't gonna look back. I do want to add. I am a dialysis patient, at one point I did have a transplant, but it recently failed. This is the most major of my many ailments. I've been prescribed and have taken several dump truck loads of pills in my life. None have ever helped the vomiting like JB. Although my state does not recognize the benefits of this sacred weed, this house does. I know the benefits.

Thank You My Cannabis Angels, ya know who ya are.......