This was grown by a friend, in soil, and quite master(or is it mistress)fully.

Bag appeal : damn bud was so frosty it almost looked moldy. Just dripping in trichs. Not a bit of purple tho.

Smell: sweet and chocolate. I mean a for real chocolate.

Taste: seet, softly skunky, so damn tasty. Hard to put in words. Makes your mouthwater it does.

The initial intake on the spark brings out a little more skunk flavor, the exhale was pure hash.

Lung expansion: You'll have to look hard thru anitas garden to find a strain with smoother lung expansion. This was such a mellow smoke.

Effect: WARNING TO ALL MEMBERS. DO NOT....REPEAT...DO NOT attempt to smoke this weed. Shoot me a pm and I'll make the ultimate sacrifice and come dispose of it in a safe manner. This is some seriously good herb y'all, the taste and smell alone warrent having this around in the garden, pleases everyone. Bud I smoked this with won't quit pestering me, wants some and he can't have any!!!