I'm real partial to the gnache (and I don't mean the chocolate kind..I'm talkin about, ya know, the American Jewish slang kind)tray.... roast a bulb of garlic, spread out some great flatbread and wheat crackers (sesame, melba toast and bagel snaps work great too), pick a cheese (camembert/brie mmmmm), saute some mushrooms and add a few sprigs of fresh parsley. Now sit (on the floor ya hippie) and watch something stoney and build each decadent hors doeuvre morsel by yummy savory morsel. If youre really in the swing of it get yourself some shrimp and sauce and have your own mini cocktail party. The hubby and I do this about once a month. We've even gone to skipping dinner and just saying we're having "gnache" for dinner...like it's its own dish or sumthin. Yum I tell ya. Yum indeed.

How to roast your own garlic:

1. Remove the furthermost outside paper from your bulb..ya know, the stuff that wants to come off nearly on its own anyway.

2. Cut off the top 1/4 or so...ya know, down to where you cut the tops off most of the cloves.

3. Place the bulb in a ovensafe container...ya know, a small pyrex dish, leftover pot-pie tin or some other small glass, metal or stoneware vessel.

4. Douse the thing in oil...ya know (this is starting to get to be a theme..super silver haze ought to be called "ya know"....ya know?), olive oil works great, even extra-virgin since it wont burn in the oven.

5. Grind some sea salt (I reccomend Dead Sea salt, unprocessed as possible [oh i gotta do a bit on that too...one day]) and other herbs....ya...you know lol.... Maybe a tee bit of cracked peppercorns along with some sage, oregano, basil or parsley....over the top of the bulb and oil.

6. Slap it in the oven.........uhm....you know...350 or thereabouts at like say...30 - 40 minutes? Depending on your altitude and unit of temperature, ya know.

7. Generally we like the pop-up method of doneness. One of the cloves will actually pop straight up and stick out of skin and thats a good indication of perfection. Sometimes that may not happen..you'll get it down though. Shoot start with a few :P Garlic's cheap.

Alrighty..think I better go check my pork and see about those dishes haha whoa I'm freakin stoned.