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    Thread: Super Silver Haze Smoke Report

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      Default Super Silver Haze Smoke Report

      K...so thanks all for the great info on the strain. I really appreciate it and it got me very jazzed to try it out. The bud itself isnt as sugary frosty nummy lookin as this NL I have but it's still a GREAT bud. Deep red-orange tendrils of love spring forth from........whoa

      okay safe to say it makes me feel poetic..ive taken one hit and lol im feelin the love

      lets take two

      taste is allright....not a very pungent flavor. the smoke is mellow, no hacking here. the whole shebang is still quite wet actually, definitely not far off the kola (cola?). I only smoke every couple days or something like that nowadays so it's hittin me real nice. More of a body high than a13....I like that. We'll see if I get up and do the dishes in a bit hehe for that sativa ride.

      Diggin it....oh yeah

      gift from the gods..someone said that. i'm feelin like i should be on my knees as we speak lol "o lords thank you for this beautiful bud and the HIGH I am....."

      An hour and so long later, after slicing some bells, leek and garlic and putting them on with some herbs and pork to roast and before the dishes (yeah the munchies got me..only thing around here nuthin is "Ready to eat" hehe)......I'm back for round two. I havent wanted to smoke this way in a couple weeks or so...only been able to handle a hit or two at a time. I ..only NEED a hit or two of this but I'm back again. The body high stayed with me and I was able to work in the kitchen, which is harder for me these days now that I cant medicate as often as I'd like..but no probs here feelin good. K so....

      First hit of the second bowl I caught that fruity flava...nice nice..not as definitive as say OV or Trix or nuthin but its there. Again, real smooth and I'm already feeling that body high pick back up. This is something I think I'll be wanting in my spot when I'm ready for the good genetics ( I got two beanpacks I'm savin too). Oh yeah baby.
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