Hello there everyone, and the best greetings from beautiful beginning spring of Finland! (yes, seriously)

Overgrow being shut down, and ICmag not being my kind of place, I found this forum and this looks like a nice new home for me.

I'm a double college student, doing two degrees at a time (yes, a wonderful schooling system we have here), one of Business Information Technologies and another of something I seriously have no idea how to put into english!

Right now I'm growing out the last seeds of Ice from Nirvana I had stashed away, and soon I'll start to prepare for the short and not so favorable outdoor season of my beloved homeland. Don't get me wrong, the summer here is very, very nice and beautiful, but the length of the day is long, very long, so not really good for outdoor growing. You know, we have "midnight sun" in midsummer, meaning almost 24h light!

So, we have to have at least very, very early or AF stains for outdoors, and this summer I'm going to give a go with a rather new domestic cross, FIN420, the f2 generation to be exact. Only about 50% autoflower, but it should provide me with some quality, mellow summerweed!

I can only grow in a small stealth unit indoors, because of my girlfriend being superscared of getting busted, but I've made it quite HiFI! I use 250w of Nurturelite lamps, one blue spectrum, and one red spectrum, a Systemair fan, Active Coal filter(is that it?), and all the electrical work is done extremely sophisticated. Next weekend I'm planning to put a few USB ports into my stealth unit, plus wireless data transfer systems to be able to get live video, temps, humidity and CO2 levels via my computer, and to be able to adjust the Systemairs speed via my computer also.

Oh wow, now it's a long introduction, but I hope you didn't get bored!
Now I'll light up a fat one of Master Kush!