You have found BreedBaY the best online portal for Cannabis/Marijuana Connoisseurs and Seed Breeders to Build a community of trust, where before listing any seeds here the breeder is required to post a thread introducing the said seeds with germination pictures and write up through till harvest.

Browsing Each Breeders posts will give you a clear idea of characteristics of each strain and growth patterns to expect at each stage of development from propagation, vegative stage, through to flowering and harvest.So if you like the look of something you can check if its listed in the Auction. Why should You take a 3 month gamble on dodgy seeds with no one to really care if you're happy or not.

The Breeders Community Forum, a place for showcasing existing strains and soon to be released strains direct from the breeders. Where you can interact them and ask questions and upload your plants to show off or to ask for a solution to a problem. Breedbay's breeders are here to take any praise or critisism you have to offer.

If you arent looking for seeds maybe you are in need of a good Grow Guide on indoor cultivation, propagation techniques,vegative stage, Blooming Stage And Of Course Harvest and Processing, which includes various curing techniques, skuff tumbling (seiving), ice/water extraction, bubblehash and Butane Honey Oil. We have an Excellent How To Guide Section.

We're also hoping to have a few Guests here for some product showcases and feedback, so lookout for the Special Guests forum to be open in the near future.We are also going to do a Roor Showcase and compare them with the new Hurricane Bongs that seem to be storming the market at the moment.

Portugal Showcase

We have some interesting things happening in portugal right now, we are setting up our test site where we are erecting numerous large polytunels for testing and production with a new partnership..details to be listed here soon..

So, Chill Out,Take A Toke, Kick Back, Discuss, Debate,or Just Drool over the BBay Gallery....what ever you do , enjoy your stay and thankyou for choosing BreedBaY.