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Learn and understand the unusual and exciting world of breeding cannabis!

Hashish and oil

Exploring the subject of hashish and other cannabis resin extractions!

Growroom Efficiency

Nutrient Formulations

"What nutes should I use?", "How much should I give them?" - The answer to these and many other nutrient-related questions can be found here!

Pests & disease control

How to rid your grow of unwanted insects and diseases!

Growth regulators & hormones

Understanding auxins, hormones and what makes cannabis plants grow!

Propagation techniques

So, you've found that killer pheno and you want to keep it around for a few decades. Here's the secrets you need to keep the "killa motha" alive!

Hydro system construction


Learn the necessary steps to keeping you and your grow safe!

Medical usage

An entire section for folks who use cannabis as a medicine!

Ultility, conversion charts, formulas, etc.

Various and sundry utilities and conversion tools to help you dial in your grow!

Marijuana photography

Learn the tips and tricks necessary to take those unreal budshots that you see online!

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