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All thing related to organic cultivation

Electric & Safety

Getting Started

Great resources for getting you on the path to your very first grow or refining your set-up for maximum yields.


Technical and general information regarding HID and Flourescent lighting used to grow cannabis.

Fertilizing & Feeding

Organic Propagation

An in-depth look into organic gardening and fertilization.

Soil & Soilless

A comprehensive look at soils, soil amendments and soil gardening


From Ebb and Flow to Deep Water Culture (DWC) - All your questions are answered here


Proper methods and techniques for transplanting your plants.

Plant Trouble

Seeds, germination & seedlings

Everything you need to know to get your seedlings on the right path

Vegetative Growth

Techniques and methodology to get the most out of your plant's pre-flower growth


All you need to know to identify male and female plants


Blooming & Ripening

Discussions dealing with how to get the most out of your strains in flower and getting them to harvest successfully!

Harvesting & Curing

The "How To's" and "What To Do's" in making your harvest your best yet!

Outdoor Growing

Everything dealing with growing the sacred herb outdoors with Mother Nature

Glossary of common terms

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