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Forum Rules and Etiquette

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General Forum Rules
  1. All messages sent to forums should be in compliance with our site agreement, site principals and forum etiquette rules.
  2. A forum post can be sent to one forum area only. If a thread is related to more than one forum, it should still be posted to a single forum in which it fits better. Multiple posting of the same thread is not allowed.
  3. Every forum thread should be created in the relevant forum and every post should be posted in the relevant thread. Irrelevant, off-topic posts and threads should not be posted.
  4. Members should not post messages which can provoke, harass, disturb, agitate other members or minors.
  5. Posts which can be considered rude, unfriendly, angered, ill-mannered, inappropriate, uncalled-for, gratuitous, disturbing, disrespectful, unjust by other site members or site administration should not be posted.
  6. Replies and Questioning to warnings, notices and reminders of site administration and moderators, criticism, complaints, discussions of site administration, site rules or the site itself, should be posted inside dedicated forum ONLY (if any) or sent via private message system or email system to site administration. Such discussions can not be pursued inside the public forums or existing threads.
  7. If a forum discussion mentions about a name, trademark, organization in an ill-mannered way, the name should be hid. Our site and forum should not be used to disclose or expose names in a badly manner.
  8. Posts in the forums are expected to be written in English as it is the default language of our community. Posts should be clear, understandable, correct in grammar where possible and should avoid using too many abbreviations and chat language slang.
  9. No FREE sponsorship or advertising of 3rd party commercial companies or organizations. i.e. No non Breedbay links are allowed in threads, posts or especially in your signatures.
  10. Your User ID must NOT be that of any commercial company or organization.
  11. Each member is allowed only 1 account here, multiple user accounts will be detected and deleted accordingly. (if you can only connect to the internet from a location where there is already an active Breedbay account , your friends house, family member etc, please notify admin or moderators as multiple accounts will trigger security scripts and could result in one or all of the accounts being deleted.
  12. No derogatory behavior towards other members, moderators or staff of Breedbay. Any unacceptable behavior will immediately result in the offenders account being banned or deleted.
  13. Resident Breeders should only distribute seeds via admin, this includes replacements for no shows, breakages etc and also competition wins or gifts. please contact admin to arrange distribution of items via us. direct sending is against site policy.
  14. No address swapping whatsoever!! If you feel you need to risk your security by sharing your address with strangers online, please do it via email and not via the Breedbay servers.
  15. No trading, swapping or gifting of seeds, clones to other members unless first organized and agreed by site admin staff or myself.
  16. Do not ask members to risk their security for your personal gain or any other reason, do not swap seeds or clones here, this is the main activity that results in sites being shut down.
  17. If you are querying a purchase made via Cannaseur Seeds or SeurBidz Auction, please use a little diplomacy and be polite, we do not respond to rude aggressive behavior but have all the time in the world for any query , request carried out in a polite manner.
  18. Do not delete your threads and posts if they have been replied to, this is to maintain continuity unless you feel your security is somehow compromised by the thread/ post in question, in which case contact admin to delete for you.
  19. No Racist, Sexist, homophobic or Politically sensitive content is allowed here, do not threaten other members and do not post any material that may offend others.
  20. Do, Enjoy yourself and try to share as much knowledge as you can to help make Breedbay an even more valuable resource than it is already.

General Forum Etiquette
  1. You should not TYPE YOUR MESSAGES IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS LIKE THIS LINE. This means shouting in the internet and considered rude.
  2. When you are creating a new thread, you should give a detailed and long subject which recaps what it is about well. You should avoid using short, irrelevant or unclear subjects like "Help me!", "Read this", "Anyone?", "What do you think?" etc.
  3. Reminders or warnings of forum moderators should be discussed with that moderator in private, not in public inside forum posts.
  4. If a forum thread is closed, a similar thread should not be opened. Likewise one shouldn't post a thread to query why it is closed, this should be asked to forum moderator with a private message.
  5. Formatting of messages with coloring, making it underline, bold or italic, centering the text, indenting, using a different font size should be used to emphasise a small section of the post and not be applied to the entire post.
  6. If a post is quoted in your reply, you should only quote a small relevant section of it, not the entire post.
  7. Before opening a new forum thread, you should search the database and make sure that subject is not discussed before. If it is, you should add your post inside the existing thread and not post a new one.
  8. If a forum post is against rules, you should not reply, quote it or discuss it inside the forum. Instead you should click "report this post" link and notify forum moderators to take over.
  9. If any word in your post is replaced by *** this means it is in our filter list and you should not use that word in the forum again and never attempt to bypass filter list to write the word in a different syntax.
  10. If a thread is closed by forum administration, you can not create a new thread about the same subject or any thread questioning why thread is closed. Such questions should be pointed to site administration privately.
  11. If you receive a private message or email from another user, you should not post it publicly without prior consent of the sender.
  12. If you don't like a member in the forum, you should put him to your ignore list and never hear from him again. Do not flame forums for such users or reply their posts.
  13. In forum based sites, requests for membership removals is not welcomed. These sites are free, members find them and join them themselves without any invitation so if the site does not appeal to them, they are expected to abandon it and never visit it again instead of insisting for a membership removal.
  14. In forum based sites, change of usernames frequently is not welcomed and should not be requested unless necessary.
  15. Do not pm/email moderators, administrators or any other site staff for small talk or for non-site related questions and conversations. You should discuss such subjects in the forums.
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