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Smoke Reports Strain Evaluation -Smoke Reports

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Arrow [Smoke Report] ChemD bx3 by ISP

Hey everybody, sorry, havent been around much lately, been pretty busy with that life thing.
Anyways, so we got some Chem D bx3, grown organically, 2 different phenos, but both very similar in taste, appearance, high, pretty much everything.
The only difference is that pheno#1 came down around 10 1/2 wks, and #3 came down at 13 1/2 wks. both could of came down 2-3 wks earlier than they did, but we felt they needed to go longer, or had too much to trim at once, or both...

Here is a link to the grow thread. You can see more pics here and get more details about about the grow.

So my camera is on the fritz and I dont have any dry pics, but heres a few bud shots before the smoke report, of the buds while still living.

Ok, so on with the report....
Im making this myself, so if I forget something, just post a question...

Strain: "Chem D bx3"

Breeder: ISP

Genetics: (Chem D x [Chem '91 x Afghani]) backcrossed to the Chem D cut 3 times.

# of beans attempted: 3
# that germinated : 3
# that came up: 3
female to male ratio: 2:1 [2 females, 1 male]

Flowering time: pheno#1 went 10.5 wks, #3 went 13.5 weeks, both could of been taken down 2 weeks earlier if you wanted to, they were done. just not out priority to take down first, for several reasons. They were stable, not throwing nanners, and we wanted more of a narcotic stone to this strain.

Smell: Chemmy, Afghani/kush, earthy, sour
Taste: Kushy/earthy, Chemmy, sour, Afghani/earthy/kush
*Very good smell to taste transition.

Approximate S/I ratio: 35/65 -def indica dom, Id estimate about %65-70

Pungency: 7/10 - pretty strong smelling, but doesnt burn your nose, heh. decently pungent, but the nature of the terpene profile seems to fool you into thinking its not as pungent as it actually is, if that makes sense. I like it.
It has a very pleasant taste and smell, and there is no 'green' harshness to it,. its a very smooth smoke with medium/average expansion.

Density: 6.5/10 - Can be squeezed some, if moist would squish some, and dry crushes some, but not light, decent amount of density, but bud structure allows for easily breaking up buds, if you want, for smoking.

Appearance: 8/10 - loaded with trichs, looks great, ive seen better, but this is very dank.

Effect: The high is not immediate onset or a creeper, it is just a regular average timed smoke if you will. It lasts about 2- 2.5 hrs id say. Its more of a body effect, but still good head high in there. Its good for anxiety, and pretty decent for pain. Great for hunger/nausea.

Overall Potency: 7.5/10

Growing easy to expert: not too hard to grow, Mg hound.

Keeper?: Yes, both could be, but i lost the one clone, and the one that is alive just happens to be the one i like more, is the more indica dom and earlier flowering pheno #1. I even plan on running more way before Id usually run a strain again that Ive already run, and have a keeper kept. I wanna se what other phenos are in here. Im told theres a '91 pheno.

All-around rating: 8/10 - if you like chem, indicas, or high yielding, easy to grow dank plants, this is for you. I would definitely reccomend this strain to anyone.

Well, hoped you all liked the report... Ill try to get a camera and get some dry pics up asap.
Thanks for looking.

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