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Default Void & Querkle

Greetings everyone. I must say I am excited about this run of seeds. Not only is this going to be my 2008 TGA Indoor Contest entry, it is also going to be showing you two strains I have been dying to run for a few months now.

Querkle (Urkle x Space Queen) has been impressing me ever since I heard about it. Then I saw bongorilla's pics and I knew I had to grow this

Next up is Void (Apollo 13 x Querkle). I read an article subcool wrote in Skunk magazine sometime back in October or November of 2007 where he was describing Void and Apollo 13. Everytime I hear Sub talk about his Apollo 13 cut, I start drooling. Subcool also wrote an article in the latest issue of Skunk where he was discussing how his Void grown from seed differed from the same Void grown from a clone. He mentioned that maybe this one needed time to reach it's full potential. I hope you can check this thread out as it goes along, Sub, as I want to make sure I will be keeping the best one or two as future mothers .

So I must say I am excited. I will be growing all of these in Coco Coir (NOT SUNLEAVES COIR ), and I will be using the Botanicare Triflex line of nutrients. I will be starting the little seedlings under fluorescent lights and then moving them under a 400W Metal Halide (Hortilux Blue) for a propper vegging. The flowering phase will see these plants grown under two 1000W HPS (Hortilux) bulbs on light movers. If anyone has ANY questions, please feel free to ask. Discussion leads to learning, and I am all about sharing what little I know, hehe, and I'm even more about learning new tricks and becoming a better grower.

Yall know what comes next. The space below is reserved for links as this thread grows. Make sure you visit this first post regularly as it will make your browsing life easier

---Begin Links------------
Vegetative Growth Stage (Lights on 18 hours / Lights off 6 hours)
3-6-2008 through 3-9-2008 -- Preparation and planting
3-10-2008 -- Voids are sprouting
3-11-2008-- Querkles are sprouting
3-13-2008 -- 13/14 have sprouted. First leaves are growing
3-16-2008 -- Querkle 4 culled - organic feeding for rest
3-18-2008 & 3-19-2008 -- Moved plants under 400W Metal Halide
3-21-2008 -- Another feeding, Void 6 & 7 have mutli bladed first leaves
3-24-2008 -- Another feeding and height measurements
3-26-2008 & 3-27-2008 -- Transplanted Querkles and Voids to 2 gallon pots
3-30-2008 -- Topped Voids and Querkles
3-31-2008 & 4-1-2008 -- Watered plants
4-3-2008 -- Transitional feeding in preparation for flowering

Flowering Stage (Lights on 12 hours / Lights off 12 hours)
4-4-2008 & 4-5-2008-- Day 1 & 2 of 12/12
4-7-2008 & 4-10-2008 -- Some males found, and a close look at the plants
4-13-2008 & 4-14-2008 -- Cut clones, two more males, trimmed lower growth
4-15-08, 4-16-08, & 4-17-08 -- Days 12, 13, & 14 of 12/12
4-19-2008 -- Day 16 of 12/12 - Plants beginning to develop budsites
4-21-2008, 4-22-2008, & 4-23-2008 -- Day 18 through Day 20 of 12/12. Trimmed more lower growth.
4-24-2008, 4-26-2008, & 4-28-2008 -- Transplanted clones, buds forming fast
4-29-2008 -- Plant comparisons and growth chart
4-30-2008, 5-2-2008, & 5-4-2008 -- Bud shots and calculation of stretch on updated growth chart
5-6-2008 & 5-8-2008 -- Bud smells and pics
5-10-2008 & 5-12-2008 -- Buds getting bigger. I notice a touch of purple to some of the Querkles.
5-13-2008 & 5-14-2008 -- Plant comparison and lots of pics. Days 39 & 40 of 12/12
5-15-2008 through 5-19-2008 -- More plant comparisons and pics. Days 41 through 45 of 12/12
5-20-2008, 5-22-2008, & 5-23-2008 -- Up to the end of Week 7. Pics. Dank.
5-24-2008, 5-25-2008, & 5-26-2008 -- Harvested Querkle 3 on Day 52 of 12/12
6-1-2008 -- Querkle 3 numbers & Harvest of Void 2 and Querkle 6 (Day 58 of 12/12)
6-2-2008 -- Day 59 of 12/12 -- The remaining Voids and Querkles were harvested

6-9-2008 -- Harvest Totals (18.03 ounces)

6-20-2008 -- Final thoughts

Querkle Smoke Report

Void Smoke Report

Additional Querkle 3 Harvest Pics
---End Links------------

The next post will begin the thread. Thanks for looking.

Small Potatoes
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